Wulensi Police Command Officers Assault Man For Carrying An Empty Casket Meant For The Burial Of A Family Member; Relatives Suspect Foul-play -See Photos



A 36-year-old man, Abraham Kitibi Nline has been assaulted by some residence and the police of Wulensi for carrying a casket rubbed in a black polythene bag.
According to the victim spoken to on phone,said his father in-law called Nasong died at Nasongdo,a Community in the Nanumba North Municipality of the Northern region and he was informed to make a casket and bring it to the funeral to be used to burry him, so he moved from Kpassa in the Nkwanta
North District through Oti Damanko  through to Wulensi heading towards Chamba where the said community is located, he said he made a stop at Wulensi at Gbungbaliga junction nearer to Wulensi Chief palace to wait for his colleagues but was approached by some residents to untie
what he was carrying, so they could see the content, he said he resisted by asking them if he were to be carrying a weapon would he have  agreed to pass through town and to even  make a stop over at that place? The residents mobbed him and harassed him, but he was fortunate there were some  of his people around,
who asked the residents to rather call the police to conduct the search if they suspect him, he said the police were called and when the police arrived he was ordered to untie the casket and to surrender his bag for a search, he said he resisted to that but was forcefully hijacked into a police van and when inside it, a police man who was speaking Dagbani language gave him 2 hot slaps at the back.
He said, his bag was ransacked but no any offensive item was found in it. The casked was untied and searched thoroughly, but nothing was found in it.
He said, he was verbally abused by the police before being released.
When asked why he was maltreated that way by the Police officers, He attributed the incident to the audio which went viral, having captured a Dagomba man inciting his people to keep their eyes opened on the Konkombas amid war rumours
Among the warmongering audios which spoke in Dagbanli, instructed their fellow Dagombas to search any Konkomba carrying any suspicious item, alleging that he traced a similar incident and seized a gun from unidentified Konkomba man in Yendi.
The relatives of the assaulted man have called on authority to caution the police officers stationed in that District and also admonished them to let professionalism be their hallmark and not tribalism.
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