We Are Sorry For The Poor Work We’ve Done – Akufo-Addo Begs Ghanaians [Video]

President Akufo-Addo has acknowledged that Ghanaians are facing difficult times, while acknowledging that the current economic environment is difficult for citizens.



A segment of the population has expressed dissatisfaction with price increases for some vital commodities, lack of access to some social services, and an improving quality of living that is negatively impacting their life.

The government has blamed the Covid-19 pandemic, which has ravaged numerous countries throughout the world, for the country’s economic woes over the last year.


The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has claimed that this is not the case, claiming that the NPP administration is only exploiting it as a diversion from its poor management.


In Nana Addo’s Apology reads, ”To the people of Ghana, I’m sorry, we are sorry for the poor work we have done. We are going to go and think about ourselves.”


2015 in his post stated that,“The hardships Ghanaians are facing are a result of bad leadership. Our President, clearly, has no clue and has shown that he is incompetent. The President says we shouldn’t say so, but we will continue to say so, because that is the reality. He and his government are the reasons why there is so much suffering in Ghana at the moment,”



Watch The Video Below:




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