The University Of Health and Allied Sciences is a world class health research educational institute dedicated to community service. It is located in the Volta region of Ghana.

Annually, the institution receives thousands of applications from prospective students all over the African continent.


They run Sandwich and Access programs for diploma and certificate holders who would like to enroll in the various degree programmes offered by the institution.

For students who would like to apply for the 2021/2022 academic year, below is a list of courses offered by the institution and their respective cut-off points.


Bachelor Of Nursing – Aggregate 12

Bachelor Of Midwifery – Aggregate 12

Bachelor Of Physician Assistantship – Aggregate 12

Bachelor Of Public Health Nursing – 14

Bachelor Of Medicine – 08

Bachelor Of Surgery – 08

Doctor Of Pharmacy – 08

Bachelor Of Medical Laboratory – Aggregate 15

Bachelor Of Dietitics – Aggregate 17

Bachelor Of Physiotherapy – Aggregate 17

Bachelor Of Diagnostic Imaging – Aggregate 17

Bachelor Of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences – Aggregate 18

Orsthotics and Prosthetics – Aggregate 18

Disease Control – Aggregate 19

Nutrition – Aggregate 19

Health Promotion – Aggregate 23

Health Information – Aggregate 23

Bachelor Of Sports And Medical Sciences – Aggregate 18

It should be noted that the aforementioned cut-off points are provided to serve as a guide for applicants. The requirements are subject to change upon admission.

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