TT finally apologises to Ayisha Modi – Admits He Lied About Receiving Only GHC 600 From Her



Embattled Ghanaian actor, TT has finally apologised to Ayisha Modi for ‘lying’ about the amount of donation she gave him after he came out to beg for help months ago.

According to TT, he wasn’t prepared for the interview and so he missed his figures, claiming Ayisha Modi gave him GHC 600 instead of GHC 5000.

In a recent interview with Ola Michael, TT has noted that normally he goes around with his older son who updates him with all the things going on and the donations being given to him but he happens to be at this particular interview alone, so he didn’t get some of his figures right.


According to TT, people have sent him videos and audios of insults from Ayisha Modi and her messenger, Gh Mouthpiece following his interview although it was not his fault.



He went on to apologise to Ayisha Modi for the mistake, admitting that he indeed received the GHC 5,000 from her.

This comes after Ayisha Modi and her messenger, Gh Mouthpiece called TT a liar.

For Gh Mouthpiece, she went as far as cursing TT to die if he is going to be dishonest about the grants people give to him out of sympathy.




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