The System Is Not Working Under Your Leadership – Christiana Awuni Slams Akufo-Addo



Ghanaian actress, Christiana Awuni has registered her sentiments about the controversial E-levy debate, saying it will not favor a lot of people in the country.

The E-levy is a new tax measure that will be applied only to the originator of a transaction on an electronic platform. Electronic platforms include the following; fintech platforms, online banking, and momo platforms. The value of the E-Levy is 1.75%. The government will apply a rate of 1.75% on all applicable transactions.

The levy will be applied to the value of every transaction above GHS 100 on a daily basis. That is, after every GHS 100, the e-levy will be applied.

In reaction to that, Christiana Awuni has stated that the system in the country is not really efficient for the government to task Ghanaians with the E-levy.


According to her, most Ghanaians are struggling and toiling even to secure employment with peanut salaries, hence the introduction of the e-levy will not do them any good but add up to their problems.

She stated that in her opinion, the e-levy taxation will not do most Ghanaians any good, hence the government should rethink their decision.

Meanwhile, Christiana Awuni is among the many Ghanaians opposing the e-levy taxation due to economic hardships in the country.




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