Shatta Wale and I are cool but he attacks me constantly- Sarkodie



Award-winning rapper, Sarkodie has revealed that contrary to what is portrayed on social media by his colleague Shatta Wale, the two share a very good relationship.

Over the past years, Sarkodie  has been on the receiving end anytime Shatta Wale goes on his social media spree to call out his colleagues in the industry.


Just recently, Sark was named and insulted during one of Shatta Wale’s live shows without any provocation.

Reacting to the daily attacks from Shatta Waled during an appearance on the  ‘Podcast and Chill with MACG’ in South Africa, Sarkodie stated that he has lost count.


“I have even lost count because my brother Shatta Wale is crazy. He just wakes up and something will happen. I have lost count of what exactly happened, he has done a lot,” he stated.


He also explained that although Shatta Wale attacks him for know reason, his  “shenanigans” brought some energy to the industry,


“That is somebody that brought energy into our industry as much as we were mad. He insults me for no reason, we will be on the phone today and tomorrow he is up on the radio saying ‘F’ Sark. Sometimes, you don’t understand it but I think for a moment he brought energy and attention to the industry,” he added.



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