‘Prophet’ digs mom’s grave after a year to bring her back to life



Wonders they say shall never end as a self-styled evangelist and prophet, evangelist Elijah Elisha Nsuobeyeboaden Nyame has dug his mother’s grave.

Evangelist Elijah 30, in a bizarre manner, dug his mother’s grave and removed the body that had died and been buried a year ago claiming that his mother was appearing to him in his sleep.

The self-styled man of God added that his late mother has been telling him that she was alive and had instructed him to exhume her.

He told residents in the area that he was also instructed by God to dig the grave and remove the body because he (God) was prepared to resurrect his dead mother.


An eyewitness Mr. Kwara, told Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that the incident has shocked them and efforts were underway to disinfect the community and the body reburied.

He said the opinion leaders in the area, have reported the incident to the Police and the evangelist and 20 others who assisted him to dig the grave have been arrested.

He lamented that the incident poses a health threat to the residents in the area.

He stressed that they will waste no time to rebury the body because it was a criminal act and a threat to the people.


“We don’t understand why he did that. It beats our imagination. If it was for ritual purposes, we will not allow it. It is a health threat and as residents, we will not allow him to do that. He has been arrested. We are also preparing to rebury the body,” he stated.



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