Over 300 rendered homeless over tidal waves at Keta



At least 3,000 people in the Keta municipality have been rendered homeless after tidal waves swept through their homes on Sunday dawn.

Communities such as Abutiakope, Kedzikope and Keta Central were largely affected. Affected homeless residents were left with nothing to salvage.

Affected residents, mainly children and women, have their residential abodes destroyed by the tidal waves.


Tidal waves render about 3,000 homeless in Keta

Some of them were awakened by the waves at Sunday dawn which was widespread at Abutiakope, Kedzikope and Keta Central.


Municipal Chief Executive for Keta, Emmanuel Gemegah, toured communities hit by the tidal waves.

Tidal waves render about 3,000 homeless in Keta

Mr Gemegah wants immediate support for affected residents.


“We are pleading with the government for immediate support for the affected residents,” Mr Gemegah pleaded.

Tidal waves render about 3,000 homeless in Keta

The displaced residents have been left stranded as many of them describe the situation as unbearable.

The victims want immediate government interventions.


“We are homeless and this has been a worry to us for years now, we need the government’s urgent attention,” residents said.

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