NDC Will Never Win Power Anytime Soon – Ali Suraj



Ali Suraj, a member of the ruling New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) publicity team, has predicted that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) should “never dream” of regaining power because it is a non-existent occurrence.

Ali Suraj, commenting on the contentious e-levy discussion, feels the country is on the right track to progress under the current Akufo-Addo administration, despite recent social and economic worries.


After visiting numerous countries throughout the world, including Canada, Singapore, Germany, America, the United Kingdom, and Spain, he claims that Ghana is not that different in terms of economic problems. However, tax is the only deferential variable.


“I’ve seen a lot of folks make a lot of comments on this prevalent e-levy. He explained the levy to Sefah-Danquah on Happy98.9 FM’s “Epa Hoa Daben” political chat show, “A levy that tries to change the Ghanaian tale and upgrade the country, push the economy and the system.”


He stated that, like the other countries he visited, the ruling NPP administration aims to use the e-levy to raise money for the development program while also lowering Ghana’s borrowing rate.


Ali Suraj went on to say that President Akufo-vision Addo’s is second to none of the past governments, claiming that the NDC’s plan to disparage the NPP for its achievements will not win them power in the next general election.


“We must judge Akuffo-Addo on the basis of his vision and the reasons for his actions, but the NDC, which Ghanaians look up to and believe has a future as an alternative administration, has failed them with their utterances.” Whatever party comes to power now, they will still need to borrow money, which we are attempting to prevent through the e-levy. Rome was not built in a single day. God bestows power, and if it falls to the NDC, which will never happen, they must awaken from their slumber. They will see that the NPP performed an excellent job. “The NDC will never come to power,” he said.

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