Mum prayed and fasted for dad to be rich; he cheated on her as soon as he did – Lady cries



A sad netizen has chosen to find solace on social media after finding out her father has been cheating on her mum with ladies her age.

The lady, who asked well-known Ghanaian actress, Kafui Danku to anonymously share her story on her verified Facebook account recounted that she harbours hatred towards her father given what he has been doing to her mother.


She narrated that, her mother, though uneducated, is very knowledgeable in terms of home management and loves her father a lot.

The anonymous lady said her mother used to fast and pray at midnight for her dad when he had no money.


Her father eventually made it but decided to stab her mother in the back by having affairs.

The sad young lady said her father dates younger girls now. Recently, her mother confided in her saying she has noticed a change in attitude from her father, the lady revealed.


According to her, the father has stopped giving her mother money for housekeeping and anytime she asks for money, he would brush her off saying, “take money from your business, I will refund it.”


The worried daughter says she is scared to tell her mother what is going on. Her mother has issues with blood pressure and she fears, letting her in on what is ongoing might harm her.




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