May any other woman look like to!let’ – Women cast out ‘spirit of cheating’ from husbands during prayer session [video]



A video of deep-rooted Christian women praying vigorously for their husbands against the spirit of unfaithfulness has set tongues wagging on social media.

In a proactive spiritual attempt to prevent cheating in marriage, a pastor called prayer points that many have described as weird for couples at a church service.

The pastor could be heard directing the women to pray that their husbands see other ladies outside as poo and unattractive.


The pastor added that the women pray that only them should be desired by their husbands.

In a video sighted on Instagram, the women prayed fervently with their husbands’ heads placed on their chests.


After the prayers, he directed the women to give their husbands kisses in the church to which they followed.

The video has so far garnered mixed reactions from the online community.

While others believe spiritual intervention is one of the ways to handle sɛxual immorality of one kind or another .

Some persons who don’t believe in the doctrine of Christianity have alluded that these prayers won’t work and that the supposed ‘delivered’ men will still go ahead to cheat.

Watch the video below :




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