Lady Left With Deflated Boobs After Her Implant Exploded (VIDEO)18+



A lady is crying out for help after her implant exploded leaving her with deflated boobs.

The lady who has now launched a GoFundMe account to raise money for reconstruction surgery, said she suffered sepsis and it got so bad that she had a puss build up.


She wrote; 

Hello my wonderful guys & girlies & non binary friends. I hope your all doing well.

So After my forth time of having sepsis in a year in my boob unfortunately it got so bad this time that I got a puss build up..after squeezing out all the puss in hospital desperate to save the implant I was left with necrosis. The dead skin died and the implant totally came through the skin. The implant pushed the nipple to the side and now I’ve got to have the implant removed to save my body from getting sepsis into my organs.


After 3 months of having no breast implant I can then go back to DR REVIS at South Florida Plastic Surgery to get reconstruction surgery and start my journey again from 800cc.

I wouldn’t have just started this page if I had the money..unfortunately things haven’t been easy as I had my fans sites taken away mental and financial difficulties. I’m not’s how life is and we keep on going.


so I’m asking for donations to get that surgery after I have the implant taken out. I know it’s expensive but it’s total reconstruction of both boobs and nipples.

thank you for your support


honestly thank you

Sophie xxx
Watch the video below…


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