I will vote for the party that will stop ‘foolishness’ of V8 users – CDD-Ghana boss



Executive Director of the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) Professor Henry Kwasi Prempeh has decried the misconduct of drivers of Toyota V8 cars in the country, promising to cast his vote in 2024 for the political party that will make a commitment to ending the menace.


Prof Prempeh condemned the lawlessness of these drivers of V8 vehicles, and inaction of the Ghana Police Service in dealing with the canker, noting that the blank cheque given to these road users to misbehave and disregard road traffic regulations is the reason for the boom in the business of importing and distributing V8 vehicles.

“V8 importers and distributors doing brisk business in Ghana. Who doesn’t want to own or drive a car that is exempted from rush-hour traffic and traffic laws 24/7. Police self dey fear! Great for Toyota and the Japanese economy!” he wrote on social media


For him, a commitment to ending the lawlessness of these luxury vehicle users is the least political leadership can do to stop the increasing lawlessness in the country.

“The candidate that makes a manifesto commitment to end this foolishness and is able to demonstrate that by personal example gets my very discerning vote in 2024. This is the least any leader who cares about arresting the increasing lawlessness in this town must be willing and able to do,” he argued.

Road users, especially in Accra, have regularly complained of the persistent lawlessness of persons who use V8 and the inability of the police to deal with them according to law.

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