I Prefer To Be Killed By Bomb Than To Move To Ghana – Ghanaian Student In Ukraine [Video]



The war between Russia and Ukraine is escalating day by day with no clear conclusion in sight. Russia has unleashed a missile bombardment into Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, killing scores of people and destroying property.

Since Ukraine’s airspace has been shut down, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made plans for Ghanaians in Ukraine to be transferred by land to neighboring nations.

However, one Ghanaian student in Ukraine has filmed himself claiming that no matter what happens, he will never return to Ghana.


He stated that he would prefer to die in Ukraine rather than transfer to Ghana. In the Twi language, the young Ghanaian man said, “I’ve heard that lawmakers are debating and allocating funds to allow Ghanaians in Ukraine to be evacuated to Ghana. I’d rather be killed by a bomb in Ukraine than relocate to Ghana “..


This young man is attempting to convey that life in Ghana is more tough than life in a war-torn European country. As a result, he will not board any flight that will transport him to Ghana. Following the release of this video, some Ghanaians stated that what he is stating is correct. This is because, even if he moved to Ghana, there is a good chance he would not be able to find work.


Watch The Video Below:

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