I Have Asked 26 Leaders For Support But All Are Afraid And Did Not Respond – Ukraine President



According to a report by BBC, the Ukrainian President, Zelensky said he has asked several countries for help but non of them have come to his country’s aide.

The truth is that the Ukrainian President made a fatal mistake by believing the western world and its lackeys. The United States has no muscle anymore. The last war the US conducted alone was the Vietnam war. Ever since it came back from that war with its body bags it has never made the mistake of again going to war alone.


Name its wars: Iraq, Afganistan, Syria, all these wars were financed by the Arabs and fought along more than fifteen nations. Most of them are depleted economically. So they will think twice before venturing into these escapades.To add salt to injury, the US is so selfish that after all these wars it is the only country that corners all the contracts for reconstruction and other benefits like oil and other resources.


So Ukraine should have analysed all these before acceding to western overtures to betray its neighbour: Russia and Putin is not only after Ukraine, he wants to restore the old Soviet union. If the US believes in its Union and Europeans cherish and are busy expanding the EU why is the western world trying to diminish Russia?


If America and their western allies failed to stop the invasion and annexation of Ukraine, there will be nuclear proliferation. This is because in 1994 Ukraine decided to accede to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as a non-nuclear-weapon state and now they cannot defend themselves effectively as a result of their lack of nuclear weapons. Other countries like South Korea, Japan and others will certainly start thinking of developing nuclear weapons. If Ukraine had kept and developed her nuclear capabilities Russia would have thought twice before attacking Ukraine.

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