GES Sends Out Important Message On Salaries That Every Teacher Needs To Know -Check Out



The Ghana Education Service-GES has cautioned validators and teachers who validates unknown staff.

According to a statement sighted on GES official Facebook page on 29th September 2021, quite a number of teachers report to the various Regional Education Directorates every month to make follow-ups on non-payment of salaries as a result of negligence on the part of some validation.

Other further checks have revealed that some validators validate staff unknown on flimsy excuse and only to turn around and submit inputs for such affected staff salaries to be reactivated.


This practice is unacceptable and is creating anxiety among staff since such staff normally have payment of their salaries delayed and in most cases are unable to get their arrears paid. Henceforth, Management would sanction any validator who deliberately or negligently causes staff to lose his/her salary.


Validators are to take note of this as far as the payment of teachers salaries is concerned. Headteachers/Validators who validate unknown person on the Payment Voucher for a particular month will have a problem with the payment of salaries for the whole management unit.


Moreover, some validators who are sometimes mainly the Headteachers sometimes intentionally decide not to validate teachers for reasons best known to them. When this happens, it may take some time before the salary of the said staff member begins to flow. Teachers who fall in this category will not have their arrears paid unless they use the backdoor method.

It is therefore important for validators to keenly take time to go through the names of staff on the validation list before pressing the SUBMIT button when the monthly validation portal opens.

Validators are also urged to always remember to add staff members to the PV before pressing the SUBMIT button, that is if all staff members are not present on the validation list.





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