GES Recruitment: Applicants Should Take Note Of This Vital Information



Ghana Education Service is set to recruit Teaching and Non-Teaching staff into the service. Teachers will be recruited for all levels of education, from the basic schools to the second cycle schools.

Majority of the Senior High Schools on the double track educational system have inadequate teachers putting pressure on the existing teachers in the schools, these teachers are currently teaching in both tracks of the double track system.

Recruitment of teachers will ease the burden of the teachers in the double track schools, when teachers are overstretched, it affects their output of work.


There are shortages of teachers in the following subject areas in the Senior High Schools, Physics, Chemistry, Integrated Science, English, Ghanaian Language, Mathematics and Technical related courses.

Teachers in the above listed subject areas are in high demand in the Senior High Schools. Teachers with the requisite qualifications in the subjects areas listed above will be considered for recruitment if they meet other requirements of teaching in the Ghana Education Service.

The recruitment of teachers will be done on the Ghana Education Service recruitment portal, prospective candidates should take note and avoid been scammed. Applicants with a pass in the teacher’s Licensure examinations will be considered for the recruitment.

All applicants seeking to be recruited in the Ghana Education Service as a teacher must hold teacher’s license. Applicants must be a Ghanaian with a Ghana card and a Tax Identification Number. Graduates with certificates other than Education will be required to have a diploma in education in addition to the degree to be qualified to teach in the Senior High Schools.

Opportunity will be given to teachers who have left Ghana Education Service and are seeking to return to the service, these staff will be re-engaged to where their services are needed. Ghana Education Service is recruiting non-teaching staff to fill the gap in the Senior High Schools, the areas to be considered are drivers, kitchen staff, artisans, laborers and farm hands.

It has been estimated that, over five thousand teachers leave the service every year in search for greener pastures. Teachers have been complaining about their salary level, many teachers are using the profession as a stepping stone in search for better job, conditions of service in the teaching profession should be improved to attract more qualified and determined teachers into the service. If teachers are giving a good working condition, the service will be able to retained qualified teachers to avoid teachers leaving the service every year.


Ghana Education Service is seeking to recruit seventy thousand (70,000) teachers for the 2022 academic year, including graduates from the colleges of education and teachers returning from study leave. Ghana Education Service has laid down plans to abolish double track educational system in the 2022 academic year.

The standard teacher to students ratio is one teacher to twenty-five students, In our schools we have eighty to a hundred students in a classroom for a teacher to handle. To improve on academic performance in our schools, a teacher should not handle more than forty students in a class, a teacher can attend to each student and address their challenges if the number is sizable.



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