FRAUD ALERT! Registrar-General’s Department Cautions Public Against MOMO Payments




The attention of the Registrar-General’s Department (RGD) has been drawn to persons’ using the name of the Department to perpetuate fraud on unsuspecting clients of the Department.

The activity of these fraudsters followed the release of a statement from the Department urging defaulting Companies and Businesses to file their Annual Returns, Renewals and to Re-register their Businesses. This was after the Department deleted 2,788 dormant and defaulting Companies from the Companies Register on 12/01/2022.

These fraudsters claim to be calling from the ‘Registrar-General’s Department’ and with the ‘Audit or Cancellation Unit’ of the Department. Some even claim to be Lawyers of the Department.  These fraudsters insist on Mobile Money (Momo) transfers affiliated to Mobile Merchant wallets, claiming its meant to start the process of re-enlisting these deleted companies back onto the Companies Register. They also claim the transfer would enable Companies and Businesses to avoid being deleted from the Companies Register for not re-registering their businesses.


The RGD wishes to inform the General Public that, the Department has NOT assigned any intermediary or Agent to call clients and demand mobile money (Momo) to help restore deleted Companies back onto the Register. These deleted Companies cannot be restored back to the Companies Register except by a Court Order. Neither does the Registrar-General’s Department (RGD) have or operate any Momo Account Number for transaction payments.

The Department therefore cautions the General Public, especially Company Officials and Business Owners, to make all payment on transactions at our on-site Fidelity Bank Limited where physical stamped Receipts are issued on all payments made and not electronic Receipts.

Payments on Sole Proprietorship Renewals can also be made by using the Ghana.Gov Online Payment platform using the short code *222#.

The General Public is hereby urged to disregard any messages or calls from “alien” contact number(s) demanding mobile money or any other form of payment from Companies Officials for any service provided by the Department.


The Department is committed to clamping down on these fraudsters and their activities as it has reported such cases to the Ghana Police Service for investigations.

The Department’s Official Contact Lines for all enquiries are: 055-765-3130 and 030-622-6180, which are operated at the Public Relations (PR) Unit of the Department.




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