Former President J.A Kufour Reaction To LGBQT Issue Will Break Your Ripe -See What He Said, Which Attracts Massive Attention



Ace Broadcaster Captain Smart has reminded Ghanaians what the former President John Agyekum Kufour said when he was asked about LGBQT.

The former President’s answer to the issue has left many thinking in circle, taking into account how the one who took over from him, thus Akufo Addo reacted to the same LGBTQ issue.

It is no doubt, that the LGBTQ bill has taken center stage in nearly all media discussions in the country for some time now. The bill which has become highly controversial has also caught the attention of many international organizations.


According to a CDD survey, about 95% of Ghanaians do not want anything to do with LGBTQ, consequently, speaking about LGBTQ+ rights in a socially conservative country like Ghana touches a sensitive chord; culture and religion.

As a result of this, though scores of legal luminaries have advocated for the bill which is yet to go through parliamentary processes to be fine-tuned to trim some extreme provisions, the overwhelming majority see it as a seal that will stamp the nation’s stance on LGBTQ.

Out of the eight Parliamentarians who have signed off on the draft bill, there is one member of the ruling, New Patriotic Party, which has given the bill somewhat a cross-party backing. That notwithstanding, Ghanaians want to hear the official stance of the government on the issue.


There are also widespread speculations that the President is not in support of the LGBTQ bill since the leading crusader against the bill is the lawyer who represented the President in the 2020 Election Petition case.

In reaction to this, Captain Smart, a strong advocate of the LGBTQ bill, criticized Lawyer Akoto Ampaw and Nana Oye Lithur for seeking the LGBTQ bill squashed. To encourage the President to be firm and make a decision that will in-turn to benefit the majority of Ghanaians, he played back what former president, John Agyekum Kuffour had to say about LGBTQ when questioned on it. According to the former president, homosexuality is abominable and not natural. “As you sitting here this beautifully, why should I opt for a man who has the same things I have”, he quizzes the female Journalists.



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