Exclusive Video : Here Is Exactly What Happens At Sex Parties



Here Is Exactly What Happens At Sex Parties  Ugandans were shocked by the news of 21 young girls who were caught engaging in s(exual activities in a sex party in Kireka Kira. The word s)ex party has attracted much attention from many people hence raising questions like what happens in those parties.


These parties may seem new but they have been there in the western countries as well as in South Africa, even here in Uganda they have been repeatedly happening every weekend in places of Mukono and Kireka however they have been so private.

Boom Gossip has talked to some people who have been to such parties and they share their experiences.

One gentleman who prefers his name withheld has revealed to us that the experience is unforgettable, he says there are all the crazy things you have watched in p0rnography videos for example Threesomes, foursomes, and even tensomes.

He additionally said there are all types of people including lesbians, gays, and even bisexuals something one would think happens only in the western countries.

According to reliable sources, the parties differ whereby some are organized purposely by event organizers to make money for instance the recent one of Kireka whereas other parties are organized by individuals just for fun. He happily says the latter is better since you do not pay anything to have fun.


There are a number of sex WhatsApp groups where members with same interests (sex) plan, organize and book each other for the party.

Boom Gossip’s reliable source explains further that you should not expect privacy in the party, no shame, no embarrassment since you will be n@ked and exposed in front of everyone but you won’t get attention since everyone will be busy too doing the same. You will find everyone busy pulling out their best sex styles, moaning, and cumming.


The place is always nasty with sex smell, filled with fluids from sperms and those who were gifted with river Nile.

In parties like the one in Kireka, you are expected to pay for the services, and here the sex providers can have as many clients as possible in a night just the way one victim confessed to Kampala metropolitan police saying by the time they caught them, she had already served four men.




Watch the video below: Here Is Exactly What Happens At Sex Parties


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