Big Trouble; Captain Smart Asked To Provide Evidence That President Akuffo Addo And His Vice Squandered Money As He Claim



The host of Onua TV/FM morning show host, Blessed Godsbrain Smart known popularly as Captain Smart asked To Provide His Evidence That President Akuffo Addo And His Vice Alhaji Dr. Mahamadu  Bawumia Squandered Money As He Claim.


Captain Smart has been tolerated for long and your nonsensical must stop now!


At times I become obfuscated seeing the level and gravity at which captain smart spewing unfounded, untoward and unsubstantiated and concocted malfeasance in office on PRESIDENT Akuffo Addo, some government officials and particularly, Dr Bawumia.


My obfuscation emanates from the fact that a whole government with all the law enforcement agencies and corruption surmountable institutions such as: the police; The CID, EOCO, BNI, National Security and the likes sit unconcern to allow this abject sicko person to hide behind Journalism to rundown Ghana Government.


The question is, do this afore-mentioned institutions know their role to protect the state? Or they are behind this mad – like attitude of Captain SMART?


It is mind boggling to allow such nonsensical to be carried on media platforms to maliciously sulley the reputation of Ghana Government, but not Akuffo Addo or NPP Government to that extent.


I am by this write up carrying on two actions as follows:

I am appealing to PRESIDENT Akuffo Addo to sack the leaders of the afore-mentioned institutions especially, National Security Minister, Head of BNI and, Head of NCA.


Others are Chairman of NMC and if possible the Communications Minister for reneging on their mandate to protect the president and his government against any acts, comments, insinuations, innuendos, questions, statements, parables, mimics and mimes that seem to render the president, Vice President, Government Officials and the state of Ghana useless and irrelevant in the eyes of the Global world without prove of case, concrete and succinct evidential prove.



A. The seriousness and grief of captain smart’s dastardly attitude is making GHANA lose its state and republican status.

B. it creates recipe for COUP d’etat by intentionally alerting and or inciting insurrection or military Junta which if succeeded will create the picture that though there are no basis and facts in what he(captain smart) is doing but the Juntas would use his propaganda and puffery to justify their treasonable offence.
The Government must use its powers to stop that guy called CAPTAIN SMART as protection of the state before it gets out of hand,



I am by this write up throwing a challenge to CAPTAIN SMART to provide his evidence that incriminates the president and his vice to have chopped cash as he has averred or I will call our friends of the media through press conference to invoke the evilly prowess of the Five(5)powerful gods of this land to deal with him.

My motive for invocation of the spirits is to act upon CAPTAIN SMART to go his kneels to confess the cause of his incessant and malicious attacks on president Akuffo Addo and Dr Bawumia.


Also, the gods must act upon captain smart to divulge publicly those behind this his onslaught attacks on Ghana’s Government and after his confession be made dumb till the rest of his life to serve as deterrent to those who have the turpitude and tendency to spew lies on people purported to vilify their hard earned reputation for 200gh and toffee.


I am by this hour 2:20am Wednesday to 2:20am Saturday totaling 72 hours challenging captain smart to provide his evidence as he has jokingly and mad – Or prepare to face war with the gods as I have emphasized.








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