Buokrom Cemetery Guard Exposes Sakawa Boys For Eating Toɨlət With Bread At The Cemetery (Video)



A watchman at the cemetery has revealed that Sakawa boys and pastors visits the cemetery frequently foe ritual purposes.

In an interview with the the DerMadking, the man known as Mr. Yeboah said people visit the Buokrom Cemetery D’or rituals.


According to Mr. Yeboah ebi guards the Buokrom cemetery in Kumasi, Sakawa boys come to the cemetery to execute some of their rituals.

He says for a couple of times, he’s seen them eating bread with Toɨlət.


Mr. Yeboah says these Sakawa boys come pretending they have a running stomach and need somewhere to ease himself.

When he permits them to ease themselves, they study him and at his blind side, they rub the bread in an old Toɨlət and eat.


The cemetery guard says he has witnessed this a couple of times and these guys park their plush cars on the way side before coming to the cemetery.


On the side of the pastors, Mr. Yeboah says they come for human skulls.


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