Bride runs away from wedding venue after after finding out her fiancé is a taxi driver



It often seems like one of those things that only happens in the movies, but being left at the altar does periodically occur in real life, too.

A neatly dressed groom dazzling in wedding tuxedo was left with an egg on the face after a bride she had dated for years jilted him on the alter.


Bride runs away from wedding venue
Bride runs away from wedding venue after after finding out her fiancé is a taxi driver

The bride identified as Jackeline Wanjiru fled from her wedding ceremony after realized that the man she was about to spend the rest of her life with is a taxi driver and not the banker that he always trumpet.

It was gathered that during courtship, the man made her believe he was a bank employee with Kenya Commercial Bank.

However, that turned into a huge fallacy so when she heard that Alfred Musa – her boyfriend of 4 years is a Taxi driver and not a KCB Malindi branch employee, she decided to sever their relationship and ruin the wedding.


According to reports, the wedding scheduled to hold on Wednesday morning had to be suspended after the bride disappeared while family and friends were waiting.

She was later found but efforts by the groom’s friends, and family to return her to the church for the wedding to continue failed.

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