“Best Point gave me only ghc500 for ‘Aponkyeniti’ pensions Tv advert” – Psalm Adjeteyfio reveals



Veteran Ghanaian actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio, well known for his part as TT in the popular Taxi Driver series, has revealed the amount he was paid for starring in the Best Point Pension advertisement.


There have been questions about where the actor’s earnings from his acting career have gone after he publicly begged for money to pay his rent for which Vice President Dr Bawumia came to his aid.

However, TT has posited that the monies he accrued from his involvement in the various Tv series, movies and advertisements do not reflect the fame he has earned.


According to Psalm, he was only given GHC 500 for his involvement in the iconic Best Point Pension advertisement; an indication that the monies he got did match the hype of most of the advertisements he featured in on national television and radio.


“I contacted Louis and asked, ‘Don’t you have something happening,’ because I’m broke as a Churchmouse.’ He informed me that there was a position available, but that the pay was insufficient. I pushed myself to do it because I was broke and had no other options. As a result, the man stated that he would call his manager and get back to me.


He called to say that we could film the commercial, but that his supervisor needed to speak with me first. When the boss phoned, he stated the budget for the advertisement was GHC 300, but because it was for me, he’d want to add something little.


He didn’t say how much he wanted to add. I met with the man I filmed the advertisement with during the day of the shoot; there was no script, and we were only given information on what was expected of us. So I invented the phrase “aponkyeniti, Otwiniti ni ti,” and lo and behold, that’s what sold the ad.”


Watch the video below;

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