#BbNaija : Cross breaks down in tears after his clash with Nini (video)



BBNaija ”Shine Ya Eye” housemate, Cross, broke down in tears after his clash with Nini. They had a serious argument this morning over their house duties after they were assigned to clean the bathroom by the Head of House, Whitemoney.


Cross got Nini angry when he asked her if she was stupid. Nini did not hold back as she insulted him, describing him as the housemate with the lowest IQ and one with a ”pea-sized” brain. She also described him as dumb.


his got to Cross as he is Dyslexic, people with a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words (decoding). It is also called a reading disability as it affects areas of the brain that process language.


Cross broke down in tears as he was being consoled by his other housemate, Angel. He said he feels sad because he’s not academically sound and many people tend to use that to get at him.


“I am not academically sound and I know,” he said as he burst into another round of tears


Angel told Cross that it’s understandable that he feels bad because Nini referred to him as dumb but it’s not a reality.

“Just because she calls you a dumb head doesn’t mean you are and I am telling you that you are not dumb,” Angel said.


Cross breaks down in tears after his clash with Nini (video)
Cross breaks down in tears after his clash with Nini (video)

He later went into the house to apologize to Nini for their disagreement.


Watch a clip of him crying below



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