Asogli Local GNAT Held Mega Sport Festival At Ho



It was very colourful last Friday when hundreds of  teachers within the Asogli Local gathered at the Ho Sports Stadium for sporting activities among circuits comprising Dome, Bankoe, Housing, Deme, Unit Offices and SHS and Kpodzi.


The games started around 9:00AM, but were preceeded by talks from the Asogli Local GNAT Chair, Mr Amegadzi Anthony Selorm, Ho District GNAT Chairperson, Madam Lois Tipong-Asare and the Ho Municipal Sports Coordinator in the person of Mr. Walter Kokoroko.


The talks were on the need to foster unity among colleagues and with those in other professions, fratenizing with colleagues aimed at business empowerment and opportunities, keeping a healthy body through exercising and good  dieting.


In addition, members were admonished on the need to be concerned about the Union’s activities at all times so as to fight a common goal as teachers.


In response, teachers who spoke at the event, were so happy and congratulated the Asogli Local GNAT Executives for the initiative but also stressed that the Union leaders should be up and doing in addressing the economic challenges faced by members of GNAT across the country.


The activities held were soccer for men, netball for women, volleyball for both men and women, lime on spoon, sack race, tug of peace, table tennis, ludo and  playing of cards.

The leadership of the Asogli Local GNAT were all present.

Amegadzi Anthony Selorm – Chairman

Felli Richard – Treasurer

Apau Patricia – Secretary

Ansah Frank – Vice Chairman

Azumah Dennis – Vice Secretary

Yeboa Fidelis- Basic school Rep.

Yevuyibor Senanu- Youth Coordinator

Heletsi Christopher- Administrative Rep.


Akubia Daniel- SHS Rep.

Gbenu Seraphim- GNATLAS

Issues of security was so important so some Police Officers were in attendance to provide security and Red Cross Society to provide health care when the need arises.


In attendance at the event were the following dignitaries;
Volta Regional Treasurer- GNAT,

Volta Regional Rep to teachers fund board

Volta Regional GNATLAS

Ho District GNAT Chair


Ho District GNAT Vice Chair

Ho District GNAT Secretary

Ho District GNAT Treasurer

Ho District GNAT SHS Rep

Ketu District Youth Coordinator

Hohoe District Youth Coordinator


Local chairmen of Dzolokpuita, Tokokoe and Matse

Former local and district executives.

Heads of schools and institutions among others

Ho Municipal Sports Coordinator


The overall winners were Kpodzi circuit and they were presented with a trophy and the sponsors were congratulated.

The games ended at 5:00PM with lots of excitement and fun among the teachers.



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