“As I scatter this egg, so ur life – Lady takes man’s name to the seashore and curse him [Watch]



A young lady has been spotted in the video as he stormed the seashore to curse a man for allegedly failing to fulfill a promise he made to her but currently lying about.

The lady who’s yet to be known took two eggs to the seashore as the name of the man identified as Emma and her name labeled as Joy was written on the eggs.


She took the eggs to the sea to place a curse on the man by smashing the egg close to the sea .

In a video making waves on social media the aggrieved lady before smashing the egg saying the man’s life will scatter just like how the egg scattered.

According to her, the man lied that he hasn’t seen her for the past 17 years adding that he also lied that he never promised to give her mother.

In her words, “Emma don buy market wey e no go fit pay o. Emma see your name for my hand o. This one na your name. See my name. These two eggs wey dey my hand, I go scatter am. The battle line has just been drawn.



As I take scatter this egg, if I lie against you, make my life scatter. But if I no lie against you, as I take scatter this egg, na so your life go scatter. And no native doctor go fit solve your problem. No prophet go help you. Anywhere you go, them go tell you say na wetin you do your cousin dey worry you.

Emma you say you no see me for the past 17 years say I lie, say na person pay me make I scam you. Emma you no go know peace for your life. I lay curse upon you with this pain you put me through…



Well, Watch the video below :



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