Akuapem Poloo reacts after court asked her to go back and serve her 90 days jail term



Socialite Akuapem Poloo has asked her son to be good till she comes back as she’s set to continue her 90 days jail term from where she left it after the high court dismissed her appeal.

Akuapem Poloo was charged of child abuse after sharing obscene photo with her son and was sentenced 90 days to prison but her lawyers tried to appeal the 90 days sentences and that didn’t go well as the high Court has agreed with the decision of the circuit Court.


According to the high court, the 90 days sentence isn’t harsh as claimed hence it won’t interfere in the ruling of the circuit Court asking Akuapem Poloo to go back to Nsawam and continue her jail term from where she left it to appeal as that will serve as a lesson to her and others.


Akuapem Poloo leaving her son behind advised him to be good until she comes back knowing very well that this is going to be hard on him not seeing his mother for a while adding that God is in control.

Some netizens reacting to the post of Akuapem Poloo advising her son encouraged her not to feel down and not to loose hope praying for her that her jail term will soon come to an end and God is always in control and He will take care of her son until she returns to him.


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