76% of Ghanaians want MMDCEs elected – CDD survey



Majority of Ghanaians (76%) support the idea of electing metropolitan, municipal, and district chief executives (MMDCEs), a survey conducted by the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) reveals.

“More than seven in 10 Ghanaians (76%) favour election of MMDCEs. Only 20% want them to be appointed by the president,” the statement on the outcome of the survey said.

Seventy-one percent of Ghanaians said they prefer that MMDCEs be elected on a non-partisan basis whilst only 20% opted for a partisan election format.


“While over two-thirds of the respondents (71%) say they prefer MMDCEs elected on nonpartisan election format similar to that used in local government councilors’ election, only 20% opted for a partisan election format.”

The findings said reasons given for the preference for non-partisan election format for MMDCEs include, “ensuring competent persons get elected (29%); promotion of inclusivity/forestalling “winner takes all” challenges (22%); prevention of partisan influences/conflicts (21%), and promotion of transparency and accountability (19%).”


It added: “Among those calling for partisan election of MMDCEs, majority believe the current format for local government election had been tainted by partisan influences and must be opened up to promote public interest in local elections (54%). Others think it will promote responsiveness and development (19%); ensure that competent persons get elected (11%); and promote transparency and enable citizens to exact accountability from political parties (10%).”


Full highlights below:

Press Release – CDD-Ghana Local Government Survey_Final_Sept 30, 2021 by KM on Scribd


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